’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Andrew Kenton’s Second Job

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Many viewers of 90 Day Fiancé love the fact that Andrew Kenton works at his family owned daycare. Living in California though, he and his mother don’t make nearly enough to make ends meet so he took a second job to help pay for rent and bills.

Andrew began this season as such a good guy and after seeing how he has treated Amira and how he practically forced her to fly to Mexico, he has become the villain on the show. Although he has tried his best to make it all work, it seems that he has picked up this second job and fans are very curious what he is doing these days.

’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Andrew Is Attacked

Andrew has been attacked by many of his followers on social media after Amira let it known that he made her feel as if she had to fly to Mexico. He has become this season’s villain and still tries to be a “positive male influence” to the children at his daycare center.

One fun fact about Andrew is that he loves to write. In his Instagram bio, he calls himself “author/poet”. Apparently, he has written a book called “I Still Love You.” In the description of the book, he tells readers that it was “written during the COVID-19 pandemic.” Apparently it is all about how a preschool starts to adapt with the new world around them.

Andrew has released his new website, www.andrewkenton.com, and his followers can buy his book there, along with face masks that say ‘I Still Love You’, and you can also pre-order some of his infamous dragon jackets. He also shares some of his illustrations and it looks as if he is trying to sell himself here. He has been working on art and illustrating for years and it seems that this is one of his loves in life.

One of his most recent posts on Instagram has gotten a lot of hate though and it looks as if he asked for it. It is a video of him trying to play tennis inside and he captioned it, “BAD TENNIS!!! Please throw all shade at this video. Leave the kiddos and the projects I support out of the toxic hate cyclone.” Followers were quick to start dropping the hate here.

One wrote, “Sorry but after seeing how you put no effort to help Amira , you are not man enough for her. Maybe it’s TLC editing but seriously you had 2 days to go fly over to where she was being detained. Making calls and not trying was a definite NOPE! Not speaking spanish was a lame excuse. There is sooo many people there that could’ve interpreted or you could’ve got a lawyer there etc…”

Another follower wrote, “Don’t listen to the negativity online that’s all people love to do is bring other’s down. I believe you did what you could for Amira at the moment especially you being away from home and not knowing Spanish was hard for you as well as her. Keep your head up. Love ya’ll on the show and the kid’s are super cute.”

It looks as if Andrew is pretty much over the hate he has received on social media, but he’s taking it pretty well.

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