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’90 Day Bares All’ Spoilers: Jenny Slatten & Sumit Update From India!

’90 Day Bares All’ Spoilers ask, how Jenny and Sumit from 90 day fiancé The Other Way got together, right? Sumit initially catfished Jenny and showed her a picture that wasn’t him and even claimed to be someone completely different until he had her on the hook and then that’s when he came clean and showed her who he really was and that’s when he and Jenny became an item.

So color us all surprised when last night he admitted, after his Dad put him on the spot and said that they expected Sumit’s wife to be “good looking” that he was shocked to see what Jenny actually looked like when he met her.

’90 Day Bares All’ Spoilers: Sumit- Pot this is kettle!

He did say that the internet cameras weren’t really the best back in 2011, okay fair I’ll give him that, but at the same time he said that he was shocked when he met Jenny, and honestly acted like she was the one who had catfished him to begin with and not the other way around. Jenny wasn’t buying it and demanded to know whether or not he actually knew what she looked like back in the day.

Sumit maintained that whatever he said was just due to the bad camera quality back then but honestly, Sumit can say what he wants but webcams and things weren’t that bad in 2011. I could see him saying it if this had been the 90’s, but come on man, just how ghetto was your computer?!

Sumit’s parents were sitting there smirking like they had won some sort of prize, and telling Jenny that her makeup hides her age. His Dad said that makeup hides everyone’s age. I would honestly like to know just what sort of magical makeup that Jenny must have been using for them to think that she was so much younger than what she actually claimed to be.

As I recall, she never once lied about her age. Sumit said that if Jenny had had a more realistic-looking picture that he would have still pursued a relationship with her but the damage was already done. This is completely ludicrous, Sumit honestly needs to get real about the whole thing and just take some responsibility.

His parents are trying to find any sort of reason other than love that these two are together and it’s pathetic and Sumit plays right into it. Come home Jenny, let this man child go home to his Mother! Stay tuned!!!

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