‘Welcome to Plathville’ Spoilers: The Plaths explode!

‘Welcome to Plathville’ spoilers indicate when they were lighting the fireworks, I did kind of fear for their lives. I’m glad a camera crew was with them so that just in case anyone needed to call 911 or they needed help lighting one of the more dangerous fireworks, that they weren’t all by themselves.

Unlike most kids who grew up with at least a few fireworks displays in their lives, the Plaths have never been around fireworks, and even though they’re farm kids, I just have some major doubts as to whether or not they could hold their own up against explosives.

‘Welcome to Plathville’ Spoilers: Thankfully, nobody had to die that day.

One of the boys shot off a firework that actually looked like it hit him in the face at one point and I was scared. I thought it was Ethan but I think it actually might have been Micah. Oh, poor Micah, be careful, your face is your currency, buddy.

Whoever it was got a little burnt, but I think they were none the worse for wear. Olivia went in there like a war correspondant and got up-close footage of the fireworks and explosives with a hand-held camera because she’s just that much of a bad-ass. (She didn’t say whether or not she grew up around fireworks, maybe she was the one that helped?)

It was a explosively good time with all of the older Plath siblings. We’re so glad that they finally got to celebrate what it means to be an American citizen, in more ways than one. The older Plath kids really have fought for their freedom to exist as they people that they want to be, and they even fought the people who were supposed to love them unconditionally – that’s a very, very American thing to do.

Come to think of it, no wonder History wasn’t a big thing in the Plath household, maybe Ma and Pa Plath didn’t want them getting ideas from the American Revolution too early in life. I mean, as Moriah said in the last episode, it was already there, it was going to come out anyway, it was no one’s fault. Sometimes, I guess that’s just the way independence happens. Stay tuned!!!

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