‘Welcome to Plathville’ Spoilers: Olivia Plath and Therapy Sessions

‘Welcome to Plathville’ spoilers find that during 2020, many people, including celebrities opened up about going back to therapy and taking their mental health in their own hands. The global pandemic has really taken a toll on people and one of those people is Olivia Plath from TLC’s Welcome to Plathville. Olivia has recently started to open up about her mental health struggles.

‘Welcome to Plathville’ Spoilers: Going to Therapy to Help in Life

Good mental health is vital these days and Olivia wanted to let her fans that seeing a therapist isn’t a bad thing. She told her fans that she “was not in a healthy place.”

She went on, “I’m currently in therapy. I started again last month, just realizing that I was not in a healthy place and I needed to work through things.” Olivia and Ethan Plath have talked a lot about having kids in the future, but she told her fans, “I  also know that in many ways, we’re not ready for kids and the fact that we need to heal and process our own childhoods before we bring another child into the world.”

‘Welcome to Plathville’ Spoilers: Olivia Plath and Therapy Sessions

Olivia and her husband have been married for two years now and they both were raised in very conservative households. Olivia loves her job and it was a shock when they got married because Ethan was raised to believe that women don’t work.

Many of the viewers of the show feel like she came in and just tore their family up. She told her fans, “I think that viewers think I’m like this worldly girl that came in and was like, ‘Oh here’s a nice family. Let’s destroy this one.'”

Welcome to Plathville shows the very large Plath family and how Kim Plath and Barry Plath raise them to be Christian and conservative. They don’t allow them to watch television, enjoy sugar, or take part in social media.

The family has some very strict rules for their children and even after Ethan got married, he wanted to take as much space from them as possible. This has caused quite a rift in his relationship with his family and they continue to blame Olivia for a lot of his changes.

Olivia ended by telling fans, “For each season, especially season one, six hours of your life, there’s no way people knows what goes on. And sometimes, I wish that people understood maybe my background a little bit more or everything I’ve gone through to be who I am today.”

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