‘Welcome to Plathville’ Spoilers: Ethan Plath Gets Props From Micah and Moriah Plath!

‘Welcome to Plathville’ Spoilers indicate that Ethan went over to Micah and Moriah’s house to work on his old chevy car and just vent to the siblings he had left about how things had gone. I don’t think Micah was one bit shocked about how things went, in fact he said he could relate to the relief that Ethan felt when he had it out with Kim and Barry. That makes me wonder just how explosive Micah and Moriah’s own exit was when it happened.

Moriah said that she felt that they owed Ethan and Olivia a thank you because Kim and Barry have seen the errors of their ways when it comes to that relationship and are handling things differently when it comes to the way things are going between her and Micah.

‘Welcome to Plathville’ Spoilers: Ethan gets props from Micah and Moriah

I’m glad, but that makes me question the timeline and editing of this series a bit, does that mean the showdown between Ethan, Olivia, and the Plaths happened at the beginning of last year perhaps before quarantine and the series was cut to fit it in for the finale?

Because that’s the only way that statement would actually make sense. I mean, I get that edits have to be made for time and brevity but was the timeline screwed with too? Food for thought there.

Ethan told Micah and Moriah to tell his siblings that he didn’t want things to end the way they did and that when they could, that he wanted to hang out and do things with them. Then they all made a pinkie promise to stay together and stay connected, which I thought was really, really sweet.

I have no doubt that they’ll keep this promise to each other. I’m hoping that Kim and Barry lets the younger Plaths eventually see their siblings. Micah and Moriah will, no doubt. Here’s hoping that both Kim and Barry will eventually take their heads out of the sand and realize that the world is not evil, but it will take a lot to get these two out of the weird ways, I can already tell that. Stay tuned!!!

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