‘Welcome to Plathville’ Spoilers: Emotional Shutdown – Moriah & Micah Plath

‘Welcome to Plathville’ Spoilers reveal that next week, Moriah Plath and Micah Plath will visit their brother Joshua Plath’s grave (something I thought was going to happen this wek but hey I guess not), Moriah hinted at something rather interesting in the preview.

She said that when Joshua died, that it wasn’t just Kim who went on what could be termed ‘emotional lockdown’. She said she thought a lot of the Plaths shut off their emotions when that happened.

‘Welcome to Plathville’ Spoilers: Emotional Shutdown

Micah went onto ask how different their family would have been had Joshua lived, and that’s an excellent question, if the Plaths had not lost a child, would they still be the same conservative people that they always were or would the family have turned out differently?

One has to wonder, because we don’t really know what the Plaths were like before Joshua’s death. Were they more strict or less strict? If they were less strict then it would be understandable that they would become more strict after the death of a child.

But the children, nor the parents don’t really elaborate on that time in their lives, in fact it seems more like its been over two decades for them rather than a mere 12 years. I can’t speak for Kim’s grief because we really don’t know how it manifests itself, but Micah and Moriah seem kind of far removed from the situation.

Although, Moriah did say that she feels that whenever they come visit him that Joshua watches over them. That’s really sweet of her and proof, in my opinion that Moriah has a really good heart.

You do wonder though, how Joshua would have added to the Plath’s lives as he grew, and what kind of person that he would be now. Would there still be a Plathville TV show if things had turned out differently for them?

I’m pretty sure there would be, but we wonder how it would have been different and if he would have been more on the side of Kim and Barry or if he would have sided with his older siblings’ decisions to break free. It’ll be interesting to see just what next week brings. Stay tuned!!!

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