Univision Imperio De Mentiras Spoilers: All falls down

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Univision Imperio de mentiras spoilers reveal this show is nearing the finish line. So, we’ve finally got a lot of things coming to light. We’re looking forward to seeing a couple of characters learn the truth about people, while José Luis Velasco Rodríguez (Hernán Mendoza) should be squirming good. Let’s take a look at what’s in the teasers.

Univision Imperio De Mentiras Spoilers: Confessions

First, Imperio de mentiras spoilers reveal we’ll finally get some answers to the mystery that kicked the whole thing off. José Luis confesses to Adriana Sánchez (Luz Ramos) what happened the night Julia Álvarez Sandoval (Jessica Decote) and Augusto Cantú (Enrique Singe) were murdered.

We had a feeling for a while he’s the one who killed them, and we think this will be the proof. We can’t wait to see Adriana eat tons of crow on this, as she was so sure Sonia de Serrano (Sandra Kai) was making the whole thing up. Or at least mistaken.

She went on about how he can’t possibly be involved in things like that, so this will be a tough pill to swallow. The question remains: will she do what’s right, or will she go along with whatever José Luis wants her to do.

Univision Imperio De Mentiras Spoilers: Seriously?

Leonardo “Leo” Velasco Rodríguez (Andrés Palacios) lets José Luis know they’ve begun an investigation. We can’t understand why he’d be that crazy, unless this is in response to Cristina Olasábal (Iliana Fox).

Understandable he wouldn’t believe anything that came from here. Especially when her words came through Sara Rodríguez de Velasco (Patricia Reyes Spíndola).

Still, this is a problem. He already had his suspicions about José Luis, mostly because he had so much money set aside. They were even at odds for a while because of this.

So, it shouldn’t have been that hard for him to accept there might be some truth and keep his mouth shut. This just warns José Luis the pressure’s on. Let’s see how fast he runs because of that.

Univision Imperio De Mentiras Spoilers: Wake up call

Finally, Imperio de mentiras spoilers reveal he might come to regret doing so. The teasers say Cristina confirms to Leo his brother is the cause of all his problems.

Which, putting this together with the first teaser, says José Luis really did kill those two. We can’t wait to see him go off on José Luis, because it will be epic. And very much deserved.

Of course, we also can’t help but think this might have an impact on the bond between Leo and Elisa Cantú Robles (Angelique Boyer).

She’s been pretty understanding, but it might be hard to get over the fact her potential in-law killed her father. And was behind her sister’s kidnapping.

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