Univision Dulce Ambición Spoilers For January 5: The Black Wedding

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Univision Dulce Ambición spoilers reveal this is one wedding not to miss. It already kicked off Monday, and we’ll see the conclusion tonight. But, will it be actually happen? Let’s take a look at what the teasers say about the situation.

Univision Dulce Ambición Spoilers For January 5: What are you doing here?

First, Dulce Ambición spoilers indicate Virgínia “Vivi” Guedes (Paolla Oliveira) is not playing her role very well. When Maria da Paz Sobral Ramirez (Juliana Paes) called to tell her about the accident Ricardo “Chicle” Silvino (Sérgio Guizé) suffered, she ran to his side.

It made Chicle wonder why. After all, she’d described him as a toy she played with. So, we won’t be surprised if he starts digging around himself and discovers the truth.

Camilo Boaventura (Lee Taylor) better hope so, because Chicle will surely go back to his old ways in that case. Camilo will kind of deserve it, to be honest. He’s being a little too cruel in making Vivi marry him like this. He’d be better served moving on with his life.

Univision Dulce Ambición Spoilers For January 5: The kickoff

Anyway, Vivi’s family isn’t too thrilled about the match, either. In fact, they were barely represented at the event. Everyone connected with her knows this is a farse, but no one is really stepping up to do something about it.

And Vivi is too blinded by love to tell Camilo to get lost. Again, Chicle tried to kill her good friend. She really shouldn’t be so loyal to him, and that’s a problem. We still have a feeling that will come into play before the show ends. And if it does? Kim Ventura’s (Monica Iozzi) should be epic.

Univision Dulce Ambición Spoilers For January 5: Tonight

As for tonight, we’ll see Vivi displaying her black gown at the wedding. The big question is ahead, and we’re curious to see if she’s going through with it. Vivi seriously looked like she was being led to her execution Monday. And she doesn’t look any happier in tonight’s promo as the ceremony reaches the critical moment.

Univision Dulce Ambición Spoilers For January 5: On the edge

Elsewhere, Josiane Sobral Ramirez Matheus’ (Agatha Moreira) are far from over. Tonight, Fabiana do Rosário (Nathalia Dill) seeks out Jos and asks for more money. She’ll become enraged and try to hang Fabiana.

And, yes, that is exactly how the teaser translated. We can’t wait for this, because it should be epic. Jos is out of her depth with this one, because Fabiana is no innocent flower, despite being “raised in a convent.” And if we had a dime for every time Fabiana brought that up, we’d be sitting pretty…

Plus, we have a feeling something else will help set her off. On Monday, she’d been asked about why she was sitting alone amongst the wedding guests. Jos said Téo Pacheco (Rainer Cadete) was delayed because of car trouble. But what if he stands her up? That would not help her volatile temper.

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