Univision Dulce Ambición Spoilers: Cheaters and evidence

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Univision Dulce Ambición spoilers for January 27th reveal the contest is going to be on everyone’s mind. Plus, Josiane Sobral Ramirez Matheus (Agatha Moreira) is about to have someone else in her way, but can she handle this one?

Univision Dulce Ambición Spoilers: Lucky break

First, Dulce Ambición spoilers indicate one person’s bad news was someone else’s miracle. Maria de la Paz Sobral Ramirez (Juliana Paes) mentioned more than once in the Tuesday episode she feels she will be in that contest.

She and Marlene (Suely Franco) sat to watch the first episode, which was a trip. Especially when Abel (Pedro Carvalho) lost if over some less-than-complimentary feedback from Virgínia Guedes (Paolla Oliveira).

Anyway, he managed not to get thrown out, but someone else wasn’t as lucky. An older man in the contest looked to have a heart attack or some other crisis during the show. He’s okay, but he won’t be able to continue. That gives Maria de la Paz her chance to take the stage.

Univision Dulce Ambición Spoilers: Not a chance

Speaking of the contest, Fabiana do Rosário (Nathalia Dill) asks Vivi to help Able win the contest. She’ll reject the proposition, telling Fabiana that it’s not right. We love how seriously Vivi is taking her role as a jurist on some cheesy cooking contest.

And she seems to be having a blast. This is likely to lead to more conflict between the sisters, because Fabiana will not take well to being turned down. She’s desperate to use Abel’s spot on the show for self-promotion.

Univision Dulce Ambición Spoilers: Game over?

Finally, Evelina Sobral Ramirez (Nívea Maria) tells Jos that she knows Jos killed Gardel (Duio Botta) and his boyfriend. How does she know? Well, Jos is an idiot that acts impulsively under pressure.

So, she left evidence behind in the form of a bag she’d carried her blackmail money in. Apparently, the cops are looking into that bit of evidence again—finally. Are we sure they’re not taking cast offs from the Salem PD on Days of Our Lives?

Anyway, that leads the police to visit Maria de la Paz and her mother. Dulce Ambición spoilers indicate they ask the women about the bag, and Maria de la Paz doesn’t look happy. However, the promo made it seems like Evelina is the one who really remembers seeing Jos with it that day.

We’re expecting Jos to deny, deny, deny. Because that’s really all she knows to do. However, Evelina is an elder of a family that made their money offing people. She’ll see right through any story Jos tries to sell.

The only question is, will Jos learn something from her mishaps with Fabiana, or will she try to “take care” of Evelina as well? Stay tuned.

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