‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers: One Contestant Leaves Matt James

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‘The Bachelor’ spoilers find that being on a show like the Bachelor is pretty tough and Matt James got a dose of this on the last episode of the dating show. We were able to start back in with Matt and the women at the rose ceremony.

In the middle of it, Sarah just fainted! While Matt was going to her to make sure that she was all right, we could hear all of the women in the background whispering about her and talking about how she wasn’t “cut out for this.”

This all started a stream of events that would push Sarah off of the show for good and it wouldn’t be Matt that told her to go home, she would do it on her own.

‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers: Sarah Can’t Handle It

Matt and Sarah have a great connection and it was nice to see them connecting. There is one woman who has made a lot of enemies so far and it is Victoria. She told Matt that Marylynn was “toxic” and he immediately sent her home.

Now she has her sights set on Sarah. She told cameras, “Sarah is worse than Marylynn because she’s not directly attacking one person, she is interfering with everyone’s relationships. Her fainting spell came across really fake. Seriously, like, all the fake bitches can all go home.”

‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers: One Contestant Leaves Matt James

During the group date, it all went down. Sarah was feeling horrible about the other women talking about her and getting a chance to spend time with Matt.

She crashes the group date while Matt is literally talking to Katie. Sarah did end up apologizing and told the women that she really needed to get some things off her chest with Matt and that was the time to do it.

Matt then goes to find Sarah before his date with Serena P. He told her, “I want you around and I want you to be part of this.” At the end of the show, Sarah decides to finally get everything off her chest.

She tells Matt, “I just felt really called to go home and be with my family. I just don’t think I’m ready for this.” Matt told her, “I’m going to miss you.” Sarah ended up leaving and in the car home, she says, “Part of me think I’m making a mistake.”

Well Sarah, it’s a little too late to turn back now. In the spoilers for next week’s episode, we will see five new women making their way into the mansion and we cannot wait to see what happens next.

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