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Kirk Cameron Just Can’t Stop Holding Maskless Covid-19 Events 

Kirk Cameron just can’t stop holding maskless Covid-19 events, despite the fact that cases are sharply rising all over the country. The former television actor held yet another even on New Year’s Eve and in defiance of California’s Covid-19 social distancing rules but this time to “pray” for the country. Here’s what you need to know.

Kirk, who has become somewhat of an outspoken anti-mask advocate, hosted a get together in Malibu, California, despite local officials urging people to stay home.

That didn’t seem to be much of Kirk’s concern though, as he wrote on Instagram, “Happy New Year to everyone. I am going into 2021 with a plan and a purpose, and full of hope,” along with a clip of him giving a speech.

Kirk Cameron Just Can’t Stop Holding Maskless Covid-19 Events 

 “We’re hoping that we’re going to have hundreds of people here. Please come and join us by candlelight as we sing and as we pray for our country,” Cameron said on Instagram.

However, State Sen. Henry Stern said he wrote to Kirk Cameron begging him to “please stay home on New Year’s Eve.”

Stern tweeted, “We’re too busy fighting this peaking pandemic to even mourn our fallen. Please don’t make us spend more time or safety resources on profiteering/PR disguised as prayer/protest.”

Just last month Kirk was heavily criticized for not only organizing one but two Christmas caroling events, which were mostly attended by people not wearing masks during a time when Southern California hospitals are filled to capacity with patients suffering from COVID-19.

“While I will always love my brother Kirk,” Miller exclusively told Page Six over email, “I could not disagree more with his holding these maskless events at a time when safety and concern for others is an extreme priority.”

“I truly couldn’t be more disappointed in him,” he added.

If that weren’t enough, Kirk’s other Growing Pains co-star Tracey Gold (Carol Seavor) also had a few things to say about the matter.

“Check with my dear brother Mike. @Kirk Cameron I want you to know that I refuse to be your brilliant sister. I care about you and your family. Wear a mask. Stay home and then sing.”

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