Joe Rogan Celebrates The New Year In Texas – “I Love You. We Can Do Better”

Joe Rogan had a pretty good 2020, while it was chaotic and quarantines and lockdowns ravaged the world, he made his new Spotify deal and moved to Texas. Sure, he still had to endure much of the same things we all did, but I’m sure that Spotify money may have helped a little bit.
He posted a video of fireworks with live music in the background and it reminded a lot of us of what life used to be like. Rogan left California due to the lockdowns, rioting, and looting, and it seems that in Texas they are living life the way we all should. It looked amazing.

Take a look at his caption below and use the link to see the full post.

“Happy New Year!
I love you. We can do better.
Whether you’re scared, or brave or insecure, whether you’re sad or happy- we can work together. Being apart and scared is only contributing to the confusion in the world. We all want acceptance. We all want love.
We have to extend that offer out to others if we truly want the world to be a better place.
I know it’s scary, and I know we all have an instinct to protect ourselves, but if we all agree that we’re all on the same page, and if we all understand that we all really just want to be loved and love each other we can all make the world a better place.
That’s what I’m reaching for, and I hope you reach out and meet me there.”

See the full post here.

Joe Rogan Celebrates The New Year In Texas – “I Love You. We Can Do Better”

Viewers commented on the video, writing, “Happy New Year, Joe! Thanks for your humor, intelligence and positivity ?”, “Thank you friend. I couldn’t agree more. Love you big time.”, “Done. Can’t wait to see you and hang in person in ‘21 man” and “Well said. Happy New Year!”.

Hopefully, 2021 will end up being a better year for everyone and we will look back at 2020 with confusion and hindsight. We hope you enjoyed New Years’ and let’s all make a better 2021.

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