‘Days of our Lives’ Spoilers: Mike Manning (Charlie Dale) and Lindsay Arnold (Allie Horton) deeply affected after filming rape scene.

‘Days of our Lives’ (DOOL) spoilers find that both young actors had a hard time filming the gut-wrenching flashbacks of Charlie sexually assaulting Allie.

The flashback scenes will reveal the true story of the attack in London that has, thus far, never been fully known. Or seen.

It has been a bit of a question mark as to what happened to an intoxicated Allie that fateful night in London. She knows she was sexually assaulted, and the rape resulted in the birth of her baby boy, Henry.

‘Days of our Lives’ Spoilers: Mike Manning (Charlie Dale) and Lindsay Arnold (Allie Horton) deeply affected after filming rape scene.

The finger has always been pointed squarely at Tripp Dalton (Lucas Adams) who was with Allie in her apartment earlier on the same night the rape took place. Tripp’s DNA also matched Baby Henry’s.

However, thanks to Steve Johnson’s (Stephen Nichols) unwavering belief in his son and detective work with his partner John Black (Drake Hogestyn), the real perpetrator has been discovered.

Unbeknown to anyone in Salem, Tripp’s mother, Ava Vitali (Tamara Braun) has another son and it was Tripp’s half-brother, Charlie Dale who raped Allie and fathered her child.

Until now viewers have only heard Allie’s hazy recollections of the attack, but Manning has revealed in an interview with SoapHub that the show plans to air flashback scenes of the rape. “We actually shot what happened between Charlie and Allie,” he said.

While Charlie lawyered up and is currently out on bail, it’s doubtful he will be the one to confess the full story. More than likely viewers will become privy to the true events during hypnosis sessions between Allie and Dr. Marlena Evans (Deidre Hall).

It’s not surprising that Manning found it extremely uncomfortable shooting such violent scenes. He revealed, “That entire week (of filming) I felt sick. My stomach hurt.”

Lindsay Arnold agreed saying that the dark, intense storyline affected her even when she was away from the set.

“I am crying a lot more just on the daily now. Something will happen, and I’m like, ‘Why is this affecting me so much?!’ And I think it’s just because my brain is like, ‘Girl, you are always crying at work,'” Arnold said, around the time of filming. “It has made me appreciate my days off a little more.”

The actors, however, feel good about the finished product. They had both agreed as to how they believed the assault scenes should go and what they wanted viewers to see.

“We wanted to do the characters and the story justice,” Manning shared. “It was an awful thing that Charlie did, and that really happens to people in life. We really wanted to show the ugly side of what happened. We didn’t want to shy away from it.”

The emotional scenes will be airing over the coming weeks to months so be sure to tune in at 1pm ET weekdays on NBC to catch the whole story unfold.

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