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‘Dancing With The Stars’ Spoilers: Sharna Burgess Hooks Up With Brian Austin Green

Sharna Burgess, who you may know from Dancing With The Stars, has remained tight-lipped on her alleged relationship with Brian Austin Green during an Instagram Q&A.

‘Dancing With The Stars’ Spoilers: Sharna Burgess Hooks Up With Brian Austin Green

When speaking on Instagram about her relationship status, she said: “Lol. Y’all don’t give up on this one. “It’s almost impossible to fish out real questions amidst the ones about my relationship status. “I say this with love and kindness. Let it go.”

So when did the rumours over the duo start? Well, it was a moment that the couple were spotted kissing on a beach. And yet, despite this, Sharna doesn’t seem to want to admit the relationship outright: “How does one begin to sum up a year that has been equal parts devastating and incredible? I honestly don’t know.

“The state of the world and the global experience of 2020 aside, I feel like this was the year when many of my lessons truly clicked. When what I have been practising and preaching finally just became what is. I feel more myself, more settled, more focused, more clear than I think I ever have. More connected to me than I ever have.”

“We cannot change what we cannot control, so we must focus on how we act and react to the world around us. I choose to react with kindness, respect, understanding, optimism, positivity, wholehearted gratitude and above all else, love. Love for myself, love for my people, and love for even those who haven’t got it for me…yet.”


In the picture above, the two are kissing each other in Hualalai with the sea pleasantly moving behind them. Clearly, they are very close with each other. And yet, for all that Sharna has said in being cagey about her relationships—we could see that she was with someone in light of her previous comments.

When speaking to Us Weekly, she hinted that she might not be single anymore: “It’s been really awesome. “I actually am not on the market anymore. But it’s very new and very, you know, it’s dating, essentially. No one’s calling us a relationship yet.”

So with the two keeping their cards close to their chest, it is only a matter of time before they address it directly. If you enjoyed reading this article, then make sure you check out our other articles on the Daily Soap Dish. Please also visit TVRocker for all of the latest exciting news on all of your favourite daytime television soaps.