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British Royal Family News: Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Quit ‘Hateful’ Social Media

British Royal Family News says they’ve pulled the plug on social media and they are never coming back. There’s a new report that says Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have quit social media for good – both personally and professionally – as they were tired of all the ‘hate’ they were getting across their multiple platforms. Read on for all of the latest spoilers.

According to Page Six, sources close to the couple say that it is “very unlikely” that Harry and Meghan will ever have an online presence again. This, of course, doesn’t surprise many royal fans as Meghan Markle said back in October that online life at times can feel “overwhelming.”

British Royal Family News: Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Quit ‘Hateful’ Social Media

During her Time100 virtual talk with her husband Prince Harry by her side, Meghan opened up about life during the pandemic and how she has quit social media and is not looking to ever go back.

Speaking about her frustrations and the challenges of trying to keep up with social media, Meghan said, “It can feel really overwhelming to try to understand all the nuance of what happens online. It is all-encompassing and it affects us at a multi-faceted level. And so we started with professors and experts in the field, with defectors from some of the largest platforms, neurologists — people to really help us view it through a holistic approach. And in that there have been relationships, and now friendships, that we have formed with a lot of these people who have a shared goal of wanting to make this space healthier and better for all of us.”

Meghan also said that while the global pandemic that has been the coronavirus has certainly managed to upend everyone’s lives, she and Prince Harry are doing the best they can to pull back and enjoy the quality time they get to spend as a family with their young tot, Archie Harrison.

She said, “All things considered, everyone is grappling with a different version of the same thing. For us, we’re trying to embrace all of the quality time we get with our son right now and to not miss a single moment of his growth and development, which has been really special.” Harry added, “We have the opportunity to spend more time as a family than we would otherwise.”

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