ABC ‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers: Michelle Money Sends Clare Crawley Gifts Following Split From Dale Moss

Clare Crawley’s friend Michelle Money has reached out to the star following her split from Dale Moss by sending a gift.

ABC ‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers: Michelle Money Sends Clare Crawley Gifts Following Split From Dale Moss

Michelle posted the picture of the gift on Instagram, as shown below. In the picture there are three candles with the caption: “Thanx, next! Better off” and “clean slate.” And although Michelle did not say it was explicitly for Clare, fans got the hint as she said: “I’ll give you one guess who I’m sending these to. Boy, BYE.”

The two have always shared a strong bond and this was evident last year when Clare gained criticism for how she came across on the Bachelorette. When speaking on Clare’s critics, she said: “It feels to me that they had a plan, and they were executing the plan, and I’m not necessarily saying it’s a bad plan.

“Clare obviously fell in love with Dale really quickly, but the irony is that Tayshia [Adams] had to have come in and quarantined before even filming. They had this girl already on standby before they even knew what was going on with Clare and Dale. What was going on behind-the-scenes that Clare had no idea was going on that was completely manipulated and produced?”

And she did not hold back as she continued to defend Clare who was slammed for not giving any other men, apart from Dale, a chance on the show: “You don’t get to see the whole story. “The way that they’re editing this storyline is so out of context, it’s just so frustrating as her friend. Do you really, honestly think she wasn’t talking about any other guy?”

But for all the criticisms of Clare, Dale had been accused of cheating during their time together. This arose from rumours that it happened with New York City real estate agent Eleonora Srugo. However, this was denied by Eleonora’s representative, Ronn Torossian:

“Dale and Eleonora are and have been platonic friends for a few years. They have never been romantically involved in any way. She was excited for his engagement and only wishes him all the best. They have never been involved dating, or romantically in any way whatsoever.

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