ABC ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Will the Sonny situation bring disaster to the Corinthos family?

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‘General Hospital (GH)’ spoilers reveal Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) might be presumed dead, but he’s still a presence on the show. We’ve seen him, sans memory, interacting with the same nurse who helped Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros) recently, as well as her husband. But something’s not right, and these good Samaritans noticed. Will Sonny’s response, and his lack of meds, lead to a huge mess? Let’s break it down.

General Hospital spoilers: Unbelievable

First, General Hospital spoilers reveal some of this plot has been beyond weak. We can’t with the idea Sonny spent about a week lying unconscious in snow and lived. Especially since he came directed from freezing waters after that bridge collapse.

It’s a point that some fans haven’t been took happy about either, and there’s also been a lot of talk about Sonny’s bipolar and his lack of meds. Well, the writers have finally begun to address that over the past couple of episodes. This is where it could get ugly.

General Hospital spoilers: Hot and cold

So, General Hospital spoilers reveal Sonny has a couple of benefactors, although one is a less-than-willing helper. He’s actually been upset about stranger Sonny’s presence in their place of business. Plus, the attempted robbery Sonny foiled helped to make him look even more threatening. However, things kept getting smoothed over.

To show his gratitude, Sonny decided to help out around the bar. And, boy, did he. This is where we started seeing Sonny’s illness pop up. He’s clearly in a manic phase, as he basically cleaned that bar top-to-bottom. And he didn’t really sleep. This behavior clued them in to a mental problem, and Sonny overheard talk about getting him tested and put on some medication. This is where things could get very interesting.

General Hospital spoilers: Trouble ahead?

Clearly, Sonny doesn’t want a thing to do with this if he ran. However, he desperately needs the meds, so this could be dangerous. He’s running around a city he either doesn’t know or remember while suffering from a manic phase. How long will it take Sonny to do something that will land him in jail? Someone will, recognize the infamous alleged mobster, which will lead to a lot of investigation.

That will likely lead to the shooting in New Jersey, as well as the accident. Sonny showed he had some instinct for handling police, but we don’t see him being able to handle all the questions that will come his way. Of course, this is assuming the writers don’t drop the ball like with the first cop that came into contact with amnesiac!Sonny. Combine that will everything going on in Port Charles, and we think this family is in for some rough times ahead.

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