’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Natalie Mordovtseva Suffers Breakdown Dealing With Sequim, Wahsington Life – Natalie & Mike

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’90 Day Fiancé’ spoilers find that Natalie Mordovtseva is used to a more happening town, when Mike Youngquist drove into Sequim she was notably disappointed by everything there. She says that there is nothing happening and nothing to do.

After seeing that she said that she wanted to go see the waterfall, Snoqualmie, but Mike refused, saying that his work schedule wouldn’t allow it. While I do get where he’s coming from, Natalie is right, he was totally ill-prepared to take her in. She says she feels like she is not a priority.

’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Natalie is not impressed by Sequim

Personally, I think Mike is too busy trying to pay off the last of those bills and was just impatient and wanted his girlfriend with him.

He didn’t realize that when Natalie came to the US, she wanted to be dazzled, she wanted him to take a couple of weeks off work and she wanted to have, what I’m guessing, is some “honeymoon time” with him, she wanted some time to get used to being with Mike before he left her to go to work and resume his life.

What Mike doesn’t understand is while he is resuming his life, Natalie has had to put hers on hold, and she’s not really the type of person that suffers stagnation well. You can see it.

As for Natalie, I don’t think her english skills will allow her to express exactly what she’s feeling right now. She feels like she has been lied to and cheated out of a good time in the US.

She feels like Mike’s life has taken priority over her and she’s in a new place and obviously homesick and Mike doesn’t get that. He’s trying, but there is no real way to express how disappointed she is with being in the US.

Obviously, Sequim was not what she imagined when she imagined her life with Mike, and it doesn’t really look like he prepared her for what she was going to be in for at all. In all honesty, that’s pretty selfish.

He knew what she ate before she came there, and he knew what kind of place she was used to because he’s been to the Ukraine before, the fact that he didn’t prepare her for this at all makes me sad for Natalie. I hope things get better for her but this is one couple I feel all kinds of doom for. Stay tuned!!!

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