’90 Day Bares All’ Spoilers: Rebecca Parrott’s Friend Insults Zied Hakimi!

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’90 Day Bares All’ Spoilers reveal that when Rebecca Parrot invited her best friend over to meet fiance Zied Hakimi, she didn’t count on her friend not getting how the Visa process actually works. When her friend asked Zied what he did all day while Rebecca was at work, Zied said that he woke up, drank coffee, and watched a movie.

Her friend instantly got judgemental because she said that there were businesses that he could walk to and basically told him to get a job. Okay, first off, that is really not her business, his employment status, but secondly she needs to realize something.

’90 Day Bares All’ Spoilers: Rebecca’s friend insults Zied

Most employers would not hired a foriegn person without the correct paperwork directly off the street. A lot of businesses require a lot of paperwork and there is also the fact that the American Government states that an immigrant cannot work for the first 90 days in the country.

Now, I’m not sure what Tiffany, Micah, or Rebecca’s friend actually know about the immigration process but there are procedures that have to be followed and even if Zied could walk to one of these businesses and get hired the people in charge could not hire him unless it was a shady, under the table operation because technically their hiring him right now would be illegal!

Rebecca’s friend said “I don’t want to compare you to the ex, but there’s a similar situation going on here.” Rebecca said that she and her friend got into a fight about that and still aren’t on speaking terms. Given Zied has expressed a verbal desire to work, I think we ought to give him the benefit of the doubt.

There is also the fact that he has actual vocational training putting in HVAC systems that he took back in Tunisia. The US perpetuates ‘grind culture’ which is, unless you are actively working and making money then you are not living your best life.

Okay, sure, but when you legally cannot work yet, what else is there to do? It’s not like he could go out and do anything, there’s a pandemic. The apartment has not been furnished yet because Rebecca is just now getting back on her feet.

What more does her friend want, seriously? Rebecca assured her that on the 90th day they are going to get the Visa updated so that Zied can work. Zied’s doing the best he can right now, so unless he starts acting lazy even after he gets a work visa, then I think it’s time to cut  him a little slack. Stay tuned!!!

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