‘Welcome to Plathville’ Spoilers: Does Lydia Plath Have An Intended?

‘Welcome to Plathville’ spoilers tells that if we want to keep the world’s nuclear secrets safe all we would have to do would be to tell Lydia Plath. She won’t even give up the goods to her own sister. When Moriah asked if Lydia was dating someone Lydia literally said that she couldn’t talk about it.

She also said that right now that it was just someone she liked and thought was nice, But she would not, for the life of her, disclose information about who that was. Obviously, it’s going to be someone that both she and Moriah know, we can all deduce that. Also it may or may not be someone that she met doing mission work, so chances are they are from another uber-conservative family.

‘Welcome to Plathville’ Spoilers: Does Lydia have an intended?

However, we haven’t really observed Lydia around any guys her age. Or any guys whatsoever, so aside from what little Lydia has said about her crush, we don’t really have anything to go on besides the fact that she may like someone.

That’s pretty much it. However, you can’t help but feel a little sorry for Lydia in a way because she feels like she can’t even be open with Moriah about her crush, somethin that would be totally normal among sisters and should be, but no, Lydia keeps it hush hush, probably because she doesn’t want her Mom to find out.

So what would Ma and Pa Plath’s reaction be to Lydia wanting to date? We already saw in one of the video profiles that Kim was pretty against Lydia looking at wedding stuff, but right now Lydia’s 16. Still, it’d be interesting to know what sort of sanctions Kim and Barry would put on a daughter of theirs that was dating.

They didn’t get to do that with Moriah because Moriah moved out and is no longer going by their rules, but you have to wonder just what their rules for dating are, as opposed to say, the Duggars who did intentional dating and courtship. I’m guessing Kim and Barry want it to be something like that, but I’m thinking this will only happen if Lydia lets them in on whomever she likes. Will we find out? Stay tuned!!!

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