‘Welcome to Plathville’ Spoilers: Did Moriah Plath’s Boyfriend Max Leave the Christian Fundamentalist Lifestyle Too?

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‘Welcome to Plathville’ spoilers finds that when Moriah was telling Max about her family, especially the part about having 8 siblings, he kind of commisserated and said that he had 8 siblings too, counting him. He didn’t really say much else, but when Moriah said she had two parents he went “Uh-oh.” but he did so in a joking manner, so, mayb there’s nothing to that except sarcasm.

However, it would be interesting if Max was from a single parent home with that many siblings, but since we don’t have any sort of confirmation yet, we can’t say for sure.

‘Welcome to Plathville’ Spoilers: Did Max leave the fundamentalist lifestyle too?

When Moriah said that her parents were very religious and had “beliefs” however, Max seemed to be a little confused by that and wondered what she meant by that. She explained a little bit, but didn’t go into great detail which is fine.

I could see where maybe that would be a good thing. Having a family like the Plaths would be kind of an intense conversation to be having on the first date. Still, one has to wonder if Max came from a similar background because he seemed to get exactly what Moriah was talking about when she mentioned her family.

However instead of siding with her family or trying to play devil’s advocate, he instead compared Moriah to a wild horse. Honestly, that’s the best comparison that he could have come up with, because that’s kind of what Moriah reminds me of, a young, wild horse who can’t be tamed or broken, someone would simply have to gain her trust and be willing to run at the same pace she has.

However, it does beg the question that since Max is so understanding about Moriah’s desperately yearned for independence, that maybe he has fought a similar battle himself.

Obviously we don’t know much about Max’s family other than the fact that he has 8 siblings like Moriah, but he showed great understanding for her plight, and encouraged her to find herself.

That tells me that on some level, he can relate to her, maybe not totally, but on a very deep fundamental level he can relate to her wanting her freedom. So, who knows, maybe we’ll find out more about Max’s family and past in the upcoming episodes, stay tuned!!!

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