‘Welcome to Plathville’ Spoilers: Barry & Kim Plath Ban Holidays in Plathville

‘Welcome to Plathville’ spoilers indicate this was briefly touched upon in season 1, but another thing that makes me cringe is the Plaths did not celebrate holidays growing up, because Kim and Barry found something wrong with every holiday, Ethan said.

Since I’m familiar with the culture, even though I was not raised inside it (we stopped at homeschooling), I can break this down for you. A lot of fundamentalist families believe that celebrating holidays, even Christian holidays, mean that you’re elevating something else above God and that’s frowned upon so they decide not to celebrate anything, at all, no Christmas, no birthdays, no holidays at all. All celebrating is reserved for when we are returned to the Kingdom of God.

‘Welcome to Plathville’ Spoilers: No Holidays in Plathville

You know, it’s perfectly okay to observe (and not to observe) certain holidays while on the earth, but what I think that people of this particular mindset seem to forget his, while on this earth, Jesus actually loved a good party.

He turned water into wine for a wedding, He fed 5,000 people using just 5 loaves and 7 fishes, the man saved the day at gatherings and yet they seem to think that He would be mad if they partook in them. If you’re not going to observe a holiday, please give me a better reason than “Jesus wouldn’t like it.”. (We’ll give Halloween a pass.)

I find it fitting that Micah said that they were celebrating two types of freedom on this fourth of July, the independence of the United States from Britain, and their own independence as adults from what can only be described as an ‘opressive regime’.

They said the only way they knew about fireworks is that they would watch their neighbors’ fireworks display from some trees when they were kids. Now as adults, they get to go pick out their own fireworks, including one that Olivia personally picked out called “One bad Mother-in-law”… the ultimate shade of it all!

Although, I’m really fearing for these guys because they didn’t grow up with fireworks, so I hope they’re careful when lighting them. Sure, they’re farm kids, but even farm kids have been known to have limbs blown off when messing with explosives before. Let’s hope for the best. Stay tuned!!!

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