Univision Vencer El Desamor Spoilers: Stupid secrets and too much credit


Univision Vencer el desamor spoilers reveal Álvaro Falcón Albarrán (David Zepeda) tried to keep a secret from the family, while Eduardo Falcón Albarrán (Juan Diego Covarrubias) is still scrambling to get out of the mess he’s in. Finally, we saw Gemma Corona (Valentina Buzzurro) make a terrible decision she’ll likely regret. Here’s what happened and what we can expect tonight.

Univision Vencer El Desamor Spoilers: Messed up logic

First, Vencer el desamor spoilers indicate Álvaro tried to play off the attack. He didn’t want to worry them. We’re not sure why, as it was Calixto Borjórquez (Tizoc Arroyo), the man who has been hanging around the house under false pretenses.

When Ariadna López Hernández (Claudia Álvarez) and Bárbara Albarrán de Falcón (Daniela Romo) found out, they insisted of taking him to get checked out. And reporting Calixto.

Oddly enough, the fact this guy used a fake name and job to get access to their home—and Álvaro named him as being present during the assault—there’s little anyone can do. They’re sending patrol cars around, which probably won’t help. Typical of these shows. We won’t be surprised to learn people connected with Calixto own the cops.

Univision Vencer El Desamor Spoilers: Bad choice

Elsewhere, Gemma made what is sure to be the worst decision ever. Despite being angry Levita Corona (Claudia Ríos) brought Cuauhtémoc “Cuauh” Vargas (Alfredo Gatica) around—plus being upset mom didn’t respect her decision—she went along. Gemma gave up her dreams and went back home.

Univision Vencer El Desamor Spoilers: Too much credit

Finally, Vencer el desamor spoilers reveal Eduardo got too much credit from us. We thought when he went on about new clothes, he was trying to get money to help his family. Wrong. He was showing off some new clothes in this episode. We should have known he wasn’t worried about it.

In fact, he’s more worried about hiding his secret life. He asked for an early departure. You know, so he can prepare his judgmental mother for his boss wife. She went for it. We can’t wait to see if he manages to talk Bárbara into keeping quiet.

Univision Vencer El Desamor Spoilers: Tonight

So, let’s take a look at what’s ahead First off, Cuauh will swear to Gemma he won’t hurt her. We can already see where that one’s going. That family is foolish if they think he really changed. Meanwhile, we’ll see Ariadna fighting with her boss. Again.

If this girl makes it through the season with a job in tact, we’ll be amazed. Especially given her boss doesn’t seem as open to the woman power stuff she wants to put out there. While Ariadna is busy with that, Barbara will be busy with Tadeo Falcón López (Iker García).

She’s watching him, and it turns out to be much more than she planned on. We love it already! She’s been so high and mighty with the idea Ariadna just doesn’t know how to educate the kid properly.

Should be fun to see her realize just what Ariadna deals with each day. Finally, Santiago gets sick again, which worries Gael Falcón Albarrán (Emmanuel Palomares). And why are we suddenly getting the feeling this kid is in for a serious problem?

That could end up being the catalyst for a DNA test that will finally solve the issue of whether or not he and Dafne Falcón Miranda vda. de Ibarra (Julia Urbini) are really half siblings. Not to mention, expose Bárbara’s big secret.

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