TLC’ 90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Stephanie ‘Stepanka’ Matto Buys a Brand New Porsche!

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Stephanie ‘Stepanka’ Matto’s OnlyFans career must really be taking off because she just posted pictures on her instagram alongside a brand new Porsche Taycan Turbo. First a new house and now a new porsche? Clearly, she must have been investing her money wisely because it looks like she’s doing quite well for herself.

Some of you are probably thinking, “Yeah, or else it’s all that TLC money she’s making.” the answer to which you may be surprised about.

stephanie stepanka matto new porsche 2 90 day fiance spoilers

Youtube – Stepanka buys a brand new porsche

As it turns out, according to one of her recent Q&A’s which was just posted less than a day ago at the time of this writing, she said that she had not been asked back for filming another show by TLC. We see her on a preview of a new spin-off on TLC, but according to her, producers have not actually approached her about being on any show, spin-off or not.

Considering how her last jaunt on the show went, this is not really surprising. Even Stepanka said in another of her videos, she was amazed by the person that she became while on-camera and when she watches the footage back whe wonders, “Who is that person?” because she says that it’s not who she really is.

I’ll say this, from her youtube videos she doesn’t really come off the surly way she was portrayed in Before the 90 days, but, her youtube is just her, by herself, being alone in her house. Of course she’s going to be more herself when it’s just her and no one is there that she has to impress.

In spite of wanting to be an actress, it just doesn’t seem that she plays well with others on-camera. Stepanka kind of wants to be the star, that’s what places like youtube and OnlyFans are for, but largely does not work in a reality TV show where there are other players.

So if she hasn’t been asked back yet, that’s probably the reason why. Now, she could eventually be asked back and TLC could prove me wrong but I think that Stepanka’s run may be done with reality TV. We shall see. Stay tuned!!!

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