Prince William And Kate Middleton Branded As ‘Tone Deaf’ For Their Two-Day UK Tour Through England, Wales & Scotland

British Royal Family News find that Prince William and Kate Middleton were hoping to boost some moral during their two-day tour of the UK in which they went around thanking front line responders for their tireless work during the pandemic, but it looks like they’ve received quite the backlash in return instead.

In fact, many critics went on the record to slam the Duke and Duchess of Sussex by calling them “tone-deaf” and claiming that they are setting such a bad example with their traveling as they are breaking protocol. Here’s what you need to know.

British Royal Family News: Prince William And Kate Middleton Branded As ‘Tone Deaf’ For Their Two-Day UK Tour

According to, while Prince William and Kate Middleton believe that there tour ended successfully, others are pointing out their decision to defy travel limitations in Scotland and Wales because of work.

In fact, ET contributor Kathleen Newman-Bremang even said, “Insensitive is maybe not the right word. Tone-deaf I saw in a lot of headlines, that to me sums it up. They’re saying this tour is supposed to be a morale booster for the frontline workers. I see it more as a photo-op for them, I don’t know what they think they are boosting by breaking protocol, by setting a bad example. I don’t think the people are going to think, ‘William and Kate are travelling, so I can travel,’ but it does not set a good example.”

If that weren’t enough, Newman-Bremang pointed out that William and Kate’s little trip defied exactly what healthcare professionals are telling everyone and that’s not to travel. She also said that she’s happy to see the media laying off of both Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in their constant criticism of the couple. Or at least, temporarily.

She continued, “I’m happy Will and Kate are finally taking some heat because Meghan and Harry get flack just for breathing. They are finally taking some on the brunt of that, which I appreciate. Again, I just want them to take some flack off of Harry and Meghan because that’s all I see when I see criticism of the monarchy. And they got out of there.”

So far Buckingham Palace has not made any comments about the criticism.

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