Perez Hilton Banned From TikTok Forever Over Accusations That He “Glorified Harassment, Bullying, and Nudity.”

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In the world of TikTok, many fans were shocked to learn that celebrity blogger, Perez Hilton has been banned from the app forever! When he was using TikTok, he was shocked to discover that no one contacted him about it or why it happened.

Things seem to be going downhill for him now and there are rumors swirling around that he contacted TikTok sensation, Charli D’Amelio to try and see if she can help him.

What Happened?

The banning apparently went down on December 11. When he logged on, he discovered that he couldn’t use the app anymore. He reported that at first, no one emailed him or called him about this.

Then, a few hours after making this discovery, he got an email that said he had committed, “multiple community guidelines violations.” The email said this was why he was banned from the app. The email went on to tell him that he had posted content that “glorified harassment, bullying, and nudity.”

Perez Hilton Banned From TikTok

Of course, Hilton denies ever posting anything like this and is very upset about being banned. He told his fans that he only tries to post items that are newsworthy because that is what he is known for.

He was happy to report that he had thought about this when he started his TikTok account, so he did open two accounts. Unfortunately, the app deleted that account as well.

What really stings is that Hilton had posted about 500 videos on the app and he is unsure of how he is going to get to them now. He has contacted TikTok and asked them which videos broke the rules of the app.

He is currently waiting to hear back from them. In the meantime, he posted on Twitter asking Charli for help. He wrote, “I am banned TikTok! Dear Charli D’Amelio…. Please watch! Please help! I am devastated. Truly. I am begging! Please! This is not right or warranted.”

Hilton has also messaged Charli about helping him out, but so far he has not heard back from her. He thinks that because she is so popular, perhaps she can help him out, but right now, we’re not sure that anyone can help him out.

If you want to check out Charli, you can follow her on TikTok. She has 100 million fans and is growing more and more popular everyday! You can also find Perez on Twitter and on Instagram.

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