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‘Love After Lockup’ Spoilers: Sarah Simmons Opens Up About Malcolm Woolridge and Disaster Wedding To Michael

‘Life After Lockup’ spoilers find that Sarah Simmons has had a tough time with her split from ex-husband, Michael Simmons. She has started to date Malcolm Woolridge and things have been pretty good with them. In this new season, Sarah is opening up more about her failed marriage with Michael and her new relationship with Malcolm.

‘Love After Lockup’ Spoilers: Michael Tries To See His Daughters

Sarah and Michael called it quits in season two of Love After Lockup and it has been tough for them to co-parent their two daughters. Sarah was very happy when Michael was released from prison, but things did not get better for them once he did.

Sarah found out that he was actually seeing another woman who lives in Texas. She really wanted to make it work with him because of their daughters, but she realized that this is not the man she wanted to be with. That is when Michael moved down to Miami and Sarah stayed in New York.

‘Love After Lockup’ Spoilers: Sarah Simmons and Malcolm Woolridge

In this season of the show, we will see Malcolm and Sarah together and trying to make their relationship work.

Sarah opened up about telling Malcolm about Michael, “Obviously, it wasn’t that tough. The whole world knows the situation, so it was lie, ‘I might as well tell you too, if you don’t already know.’ The only tough part about it is that I got extremely tired of defending myself. I felt like, in the last episode, you saw Malcolm questioning where I stood with Michael and my feelings for him. You can see my face, and I was so aggravated, because I feel like I should not have to spend every single day proving to Malcolm or anybody else that I saw what I mean.”

Sarah went on, “I’ve said it and I’ve shown it to you, and you still are questioning me. I got offended, extremely offended, and I get offended to this day if anyone asks me questions about it. Because you know what? I don’t have to prove a god d**n thing to anybody but myself. I don’t have to explain myself. I know how I feel, I know who I am. And if you can’t see that, that’s not my problem.”

This season is all about Sarah’s new journey and Michael trying to be a much better father. We will see more of him trying to see his daughters more and we will see Malcolm and Sarah’s relationship grow.

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