Is Youtuber Tana Mongeau Completely Sober Now?

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Tana Mongeau recently revealed on the Between Good and Evil Podcast with Charlotte D’Alessio that she had a major substance abuse problem. She said that it started out when she was very young, and that substance abuse is very, very normalized in Las Vegas where she’s from.

She said that she remembers teachers from kindergarten onward coming to class blackout drunk. She said her home life didn’t make anytihng better, and that if she wasn’t on drugs when she was at home, then she would be absolutely miserable. She said that she likes being numb.

Youtube – Tana’s sober now?

She said that it was especially hard to stay away from drugs while on tour, because apparently in those circles people ‘don’t want you sober’ and there are people who will literally pay you to do drugs. On the Call Her Daddy Podcast she talked about it a little more in-depth, about people coming up to her and giving her cocaine on a key, and paying her $10K for one hit.

She says initially her doing drugs just started off as a party thing but it turned into blacking out in every city, which is not the lifestyle that she actually wanted. (It’s refreshing to know that she didn’t want that for herself.)

However, she credits her new life coach, Buzz Myngin with getting her sober. She says before him she was on a bunch of downers and that was why she couldn’t get up and make it to engagements.

Now she says she is on absolutely nothing, she’s sober. She says that a lot of the decisions she made while she was on this cocktail of downers were stupid decisons, and once she was sober she saw that.

She didn’t really entail what decisions she saw as stupid, which would have been interesting but since she’s hinted at writing a book I wonder if she’ll dedicate a chapter or two to realizations.

Still no word on her microaggressions, and we wonder if she ever will come out and address them aside from the one-off terrible apology video but something tells me that she won’t. Who knows, maybe she’ll prove me wrong. Stay tuned!!!

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