’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: What is Zied’s Deal? Rebecca Parrot and Tunisian Zied Hakimi

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’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers indicate that Rebecca Parrot has a private investigator for a best friend because to be honest she seems to take everything at face value a little too readily.

She said that when she married her Morroccan ex, she told him that she would support both of them and ended up doing just that. The immigration fees and everything else ended up costing her a bunch of money and in the end she is the one that suffered because not only was she out bunches of money, she got her heart broken as well.

’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: What is Zied’s deal?

Her friend said that when she looked into Zied Hakimi’s work history that there was nothing that came up, which is automatically suspicious. 

She said it was almost like he didn’t exist. Rebecca said that that was because all of the jobs that he has ever gotten paid for, he’s been paid for in cash. This means, his bosses have all paid him under the table.

I’m not sure how on earth you would track that in Tunisia but it seems that they have a government system too and you can apparently track employment, or at least private investigators can.

That’s a little comforting to know that Rebecca’s friend is looking out for her, but at the same time, it’s a little alarming as well. Seems to me that Zied could have at least worked one legit job in his lifetime, but I guess not?

Honestly, I’m not sure the job climate in Tunisia, or what Zied even does for a living. Since he’s gotten paid in cash I’m goign to assume it’s some kind of manual labor, perhaps construction, that he does.

Rebecca herself said in an interview that before meeting Zied she was actually in a Hollywood production called Keeping up with the Joneses in which she played a friend of Isla Fischer’s. It’s not really a surprise that Rebecca was in a film, after all, it’s easier to hire talent that has had on-screen experience than it is to coach someone who has previously never had any.

But that still begs the question, what does Zied actually do? Rebecca assured her friend that Zied has told her that he wants to work, which is good. I just wonder if he’s going to be like Syngin Colchester and not really want to do anything once he gets to the US. I mean, it could happen. Stay tuned!!!

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