’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Big Ed Brown Spotted With New Woman (Not Rosemarie Vega), Ahead of Possible Return!

’90 Day Fiancé’ spoilers finds that Big (Pr)Ed has found a new girl upon which to project his affections. There was an instagram post showing him with a woman who was, again, half his age, at an airport. She was wearing a mask so we couldn’t really tell what she looked like from the nose down, but we do know that Ed was standing awfully close to her. So what does this mean for the former B90 star?

Honestly, you can’t really tell much from how closely two people are standing to each other, but upon further investigation it looks like Ed may not just have stopped at one new honey, it looks like he may have two. Judging from his IG comments though, no one is actually buying for a second that either of these gals is with him for anything other than possibly money (Where though?), or fame (slightly more believable).

’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Big Ed spotted with new woman!

The blonde-ish woman spotted at the airport with him however was said to be a “new green card applicant” in some IG comments. Again, this is not verified and we don’t know for sure, anyone can show up at an airport, even those who are native to North America, surprise surprise.

But people are wondering if Ed has been looking for a new companion for the show so that he can return for the upcoming season… whenever that will be. (Has TLC resumed filming yet? I mean they’re supposed to do two more 90 day spinoffs but we’re not actually sure what they are or how that’s going to work yet.)

Let’s just assume for one second that they have, a lot of the fanbase has said that they are tired of Big Ed on any TLC franchise, and don’t want him back, but the outcry really hasn’t stopped TLC so far so there is a good chance that he could be in the running for another season of some show in the 90 day franchise.

Also, could he even apply again? Because if he’s with two women at the same time then I’m not sure if his relationship would be all that appropriate for TLC. I mean, unless he’s going to cross over and start doing a completely secular version of Sister Wives.

Or perhaps TLC is taking a different direction and Big Ed is going to start embracing a lifestyle similar to Charlie Sheen when he was in his ‘goddess’ phase (scarily enough that makes kind of makes sense for Big Ed) and we’ll follow their journey, kind of similar to the show, “The Girl’s Next Door”. What would they even call this show though, “Eddie’s Angels”?

I know, Halloween’s over, I shouldn’t plant such scary thoughts out there in the universe. The thing is, up until now, Ed really hasn’t been photographed with anyone. (Granted, COVID might have gotten in the way of that, a little.) But when he was photographed with someone, it was two women, not one. How does Rosemarie feel about all this?

Well, she doesn’t really mince words about Ed on social media, in fact she has been known to throw a lot of shade his way. (After what she experienced with him, she’s entitled.) So if I were her, I’d throw all the shade I wanted and post a lot of laughing emojis because it took not one woman to replace her, but two! Stay tuned!!!

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