Will & Jada Pinkett Smith’s Son Jaden Gets Huge Backlash!

Jaden Smith, son of Will and Jada Smith, probably got the most well deserved backlash for his costume, simply because at this time, it was pretty insensitive and a lot of people were right to call him out on it. Jaden Smith went to a halloween party wearing an oxygen mask.

Yes, that’s right people, even though he didn’t outright label it as such, Jaden Smith went dressed for Halloween as a COVID patient. If that’s not downright cringeworthy, I don’t know what is, man. He got a ton of backlash for his costume, especially from his followers who had respitory problems to begin with.

It’s too soon, Jaden!

One follower even saying that several family members of theirs had asthma and had been rushed to the hospital on oxygen several times and that this was just downright disgusting and insensitive.

We get where Jaden was going with this, but it would be one thing if he had just dressed up as the virus itself, you can’t argue with a corona cell, or if he had comically dressed up as a bottle of corona, it still wouldn’t have been well-received but it would have gone over as actually funny rather than this downright insensitive commentary on the pandemic that’s happening right now.

The imagery is triggery, and it’s rather insulting not only for those people with respitory issues but also for any healthcare workers who may see his posts. They just came from a long day at work with COVID patients, they don’t want to see people poking fun at it for Halloween!

Looks like Jaden needs a sensitivity course and quite a few lessons on timing. Would it ever have been okay to post something like this? Arguably, no, but especially not while we’re in the middle of a pandemic, not while the losses of people’s loved ones are still fresh in their hearts and minds, and not while people are actively dying from a virus that we do not have a vaccine for yet.

(Fingers crossed for soon!) Jaden comes from a definite place of privelege, he has never had to be in the place of an essential worker or a healthcare worker, so he does not know the struggle, but it looks like someone in his life or on his team or somewhere would have steered him away from this choice.

Some say that he wasn’t dressed as a COVID patient but rather, the main character of the movie Tenent who wears an oxygen mask, but again, the timing is awfully suspect. I’m still shaking my head. Stay tuned!!!

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