‘Welcome to Plathville’ Spoilers: Kim Plath Allows Lydia To See Moriah!

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‘Welcome to Plathville’ spoilers reveal that how Mama Plath just unceremoniously made Micah and Moriah move out after disobeying the Plath Family rules, I’m a little surprised that she let the two sisters see each other privately because that just doesn’t seem like something that Kim would do.

Doesn’t she fear that evil Moriah is going to rub off on perfect Lydia? Maybe, but it seems that her ultimate goal is to get Moriah back into the family somehow and she intends to do that by way of Lydia. Why Kim, I do believe that’s a diabolical scheme.

‘Welcome to Plathville’ Spoilers: Lydia is allowed to see Moriah

However, I’m not actually sure that Moriah is that  easily swayed back into the fold. So far, Moriah is having the time of her life, living it up. She’s walking on the wild side, having poptarts for breakfast and hating on rules like any normal teenager.

She’s wearing makeup and dressing in a way that compliments her style and not some weird interpretation of biblical modesty that the family seems to have. She’s making cereal for dinner along with steak and mac and cheese! You know what, honestly, Moriah’s doing just fine in life for the “season” she’s in, to coin a phrase by Papa Plath. She moved out, she’s allowed to have a time in her life as a bachelorette with no rules.

I think this is royally burning Kim up though, and that’s why she’s let Lydia still have the relationship with her sister. Because everyone knows that Lydia is the good child, and she will go back and tell Kim everything that Moriah is doing.

Or, at least the stuff that Moriah is comfortable enough sharing. I can’t help but think that Moriah is slightly cautious when it comes to sharing things with her family, and I hope that Lydia won’t overshare with her Mom too much.

Since right now, it’s more important that Lydia benefit from keeping secrets than it is for her to go blabbing to Mom, I feel like she will. But I’m a little worried if she ever gets mad at Moriah, just what she will tell her Mom. Maybe I’m judging Lydia too harshly, but, she’s a teenager.

Teenagers are prone to not thinking before they speak, especially in heated situations. Although, to her credit, Lydia seems cooler headed than most. Can she keep that cool head once she finds out Moriah really isn’t coming back? Stay tuned!!!

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