‘Welcome to Plathville’ Spoilers: Ethan Plath Can’t Cook, Nor Can He Read a Room

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‘Welcome to Plathville’ spoilers ask how bad a situation can get, please be prepared for it to get phenomenally worse. I asked in my last article how bad things in Plathville could get and it looks like the good Lord answered me – a lot worse, my child.

So, poor Olivia woke up, having just started that time of the month, complete with cramps, as most of us ladies can relate to. She had spent a late night trying to get her website up and running, had stayed up until 1:30AM trying to do a rebranding of her photography website, so that morning, she was all set to get right back in the saddle and do it all again. Unfortunately, Ethan was not helping at all.

‘Welcome to Plathville’ Spoilers: Ethan can’t cook, nor can he read a room

Ethan decided that this day would be the day that he cooked breakfast for his wife. Great idea and sweet in theory, because up until this point he had never cooked breakfast for her and he was honestly trying to do something good. However, he had decided to make pancakes and he hadn’t the foggiest of how to actually do that.

He started off with the purest of intentions and at least he did try to go about it the right way, even though it took him a full minute to actually pull out the pancake mix and he was going to add yeast to the mixture, which only works with japanese fluffy pancakes.

Poor Olivia though, she felt like crying because he kept asking her questions when all she wanted to do was work on her website and rebrand her business because COVID took a toll on her business, she had brides cancelling left and right and did not have a steady income anymore.

Quarantine affected everyone, including the sheltered Plaths. Ethan didn’t seem to get that he was being annoying until Olivia almost lost it on him. That’s when Ethan admitted something that was very, very sad.

He said that his parents did not give him the toolset to understand the emotions of other people, and that they raised the rest of his siblings the same way. You can clearly tell from the way Barry dealt with Isaac earlier in the episode that he is clearly not comfortable dealing with emotions and Kim seems to just expect everyone to automatically know what she’s thinking even though she doesn’t really spell things out either.

Ethan said that when he tried to communicate emotions to his parents in the past that it was just something that never happened and as a result he tends to block things and just press forward and not consider the emotions behind it instead of thinking about the things that he should be thinking about.

When I say that Olivia took one for the team, I mean it. I’m glad Ethan has her in his life so that he can learn from her, so that he can learn to gauge emotions and to live in the world. But God forbid he should ever start to take her for granted because someone who’s that patient is indeed a godsend, no other woman would be that patient with him.

I think Ethan and Olivia are just now going through the struggles that all young couples go through, learning to live together, but I also think they have a lot more challenges than other young couples because of how Ethan was raised. I’m rooting for them, but, come on Ethan, get it together. Stay tuned!!!

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