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Weekly ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ Spoilers: Thomas Slips; Preemption, A Classic Episode

‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ (B&B) spoilers is saying hello and welcome to another set of weekly spoilers.

This is going to be a fun week in general give Thanksgiving is this Thursday along with parades and a special to close it all off for us.

With the busy week ahead, let’s dive into the fun, shall we?

‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ Spoilers For November 23: A problem called Thomas

The best place to begin is with Thomas Forrester (Mathew Atkinson) as he hosts a dinner party with Hope Logan (Annika Noelle), Douglas Forrester (Henry Joseph Samiri), and Hope 2.0 in the closet.

While this is going on, Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) will continue to grace our screens with plenty of reused dialogue as he’ll keep hammering on Thomas to Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood).

Is it wrong ‘Bold and the Beautiful’ want Thomas to prevail so Liam can be committed? Yeah, it probably is since he’s partially right this time.

This time, it looks like Thomas may indeed be his worse enemy as we expect him to get reality and Hope 2.0 crisscrossed and it may be noticeable by Hope and Douglas.

‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ Spoilers For November 23: Parade time

On Thursday, the show will be preempted thanks to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, but that’s expected since it’s a yearly tradition.

Still, it’s going to be a little off-putting given how we just got used to the show being back, and having a classic episode airing on Friday may trigger some willies about what could be coming.

To be fair, we think it’s only going to be a celebration of the holiday and we’re looking forward to it since we got used to some of the new classics since they refused to air most of the older ones.

‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ Spoilers For November 23: All the way to 2018

Yep, the powers that be will be taking us way back into the show’s annals to share episode 7973 from November 21, 2018.

Unlike their previous botching of the classics they replayed during the shutdown where fans’ repeated requests for something from the show’s early years were ignored, they’re showing a fitting episode.

It’s going to be a fun one where Pamela Douglas (Alley Mills) was thoughtful enough to prank Quinn Fuller (Rena Sofer) before their Thanksgiving dinner.

It’ll be a fun reminder to when we could just reax and enjoy the company of loved ones and have a good laugh.

What are some of your favorite Thanksgiving memories? Let us know below, and check back with ‘Bold and the Beautiful’ for the latest updates, spoilers, and speculation around. Don’t forget to visit TVRocker for all of the latest exciting news on all of your favorite daytime television soaps.