We Almost Lost ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’ Special From TV For Good!

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If you’re like me, you know it’s Christmas when the Charlie Brown Christmas special comes on TV every year. When you were a kid, you’d crowd around the TV every year to watch this Snoopy-filled phenomenon, even though you secretly wished that poor Charlie Brown and Snoopy would have a better Christmas this year, but it never came.

Oh well! However, this year the unthinkable almost happened. I guess in the past few years is that there was a waning interest in te specials, so they were snapped up by AppleTV and slated only to run on there from now on.

What? No Charlie Brown Christmas? That’s unholy!

So, the online petitioning began. A lot of fans, both old and new, got together and started an online petition to keep Charlie Brown’s Christmas special on the broadcast airwaves. Lo and behold, in the same way that a true Christmas Miracle happens… it worked!

Now we don’t have to buy another subscription to another TV service that we may or may not use (even though it is pretty cheap, I have to admit.), and we can continue to catch it on broadcast TV every year like we normally do, something that is becoming less and less common for TV shows.

People are so used to rushing to apps to watch their TV now, that there’s nothing on the broadcast channels that has quite the same anticipation aspect as the Charlie Brown Christmas Special. Also, there is a certain level of innocence that the special still has to it, that certainly would trascend a year like 2020.

Something that could take us back to a time before masks and social distancing, and where kids could simply be kids, and dogs be dogs, and only worry about the school Christmas play (and if you grew up in the south and went to private school, you know that was the highlight of the entire year) and if Santa was going to remember all the things they put on their wish lists.

We can all hope that Santa brings us the promise of a better 2021 this year. In the meantime, check your local listings to see when the Charlie Brown Christmas special will pop up. Stay tuned!!!

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