Univision Medicos Spoilers: Tragedy ahead for the Institute!

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Univision Médicos spoilers reveal David Paredes (Daniel Arenas) scored a major win Friday night. Of course, the Telenovela Gods decided to shake things up a bit, but we should see some results. Plus, Regina Villaseñor Gil (Livia Brito) gets caught in René Castillo’s (Rodrigo Murray) web while he continues to grovel. Let’s see what happened and what’s up next.

Univision Medicos Spoilers: Victory!

First, Médicos spoilers reveal David finally managed to score a huge win. It seems he’s kind of leading Ana Caballero (Grettell Valdez) on a bit in his quest, but he got what he needed. Ana provided the names of who René bought that equipment from. It wasn’t good. Sort of.

See, David learned they’re definitely shady as all get out. Plus, he even got their conversation recorded on his phone. This could be excellent evidence in Gonzalo Olmedo’s (José Elías Moreno) case. However, there’s a couple of problems.

First, it seems René doesn’t mess around with his shady dealings. During David’s talk with these men, they seemed to only be speaking to him because of Rene. And they implied David shouldn’t let them down after they made their deal. We can just imagine what the consequences of disappointing these guys would be. Of course, they might not have to worry about that.

Univision Medicos Spoilers: Except, maybe not

Later on, Daniel witnessed an accident while leaving the meeting. A vehicle hit a pedestrian and kept going. Daniel, obviously, stopped to help. He even got in the ambulance with her to assist the medics.

However, on the way to the hospital the ambulance was struck by a car. So, we’ll see a lot of turmoil tonight as the team tries to save this woman, the medics, and one of their own.

Univision Medicos Spoilers: Traps and groveling

Finally, there’s René. Apparently, he or someone connected with him got Regina accused of being an accessory to Gonzalo and his med theft. She’s outrage upset, as is Gonzalo.

The team? Well, they’re not happy either. And they’re pretty sure this Institute won’t last with René in charge and Regina gone. We’ll see what happens there.

Related to this, Gonzalo has other problems than a staff who hates him and potential evidence of his crimes to get to him. He thought firing Mireya Navarro (Erika de la Rosa) would solve all his problems.

However, Constanza Madariaga de Castillo’s (Marisol del Olmo) still not forgiving him. In fact, she made it clear she’s not even close. So René continues to grovel and beg for forgiveness. We can’t wait to see his downfall tonight…

Univision Medicos Spoilers: Tonight

Finally, let’s talk about tonight. It’s the Gran Final and we’ll see a two-hour episode, starting at 7 PM EST. Actually, it’s listed as two different ones. One seems to be more focused on David and the accident, while another should deal more with Gonzalo’s trial.

Expect lots of drama from Regina tonight, who’ll be devastated at the condition David is in. We wouldn’t be surprised to see him live through this and her realize she can’t be without him. However, it looks like she won’t be just sitting around waiting for news/treating David.

Teasers from tonight indicate she’ll bring some important evidence to the lawyers to report René. We’re guessing they find the cell phone recording in the aftermath of the crash.

Elsewhere, an important witness will come forward tonight to change everything with the case. As some huge secret comes to light about Rene, we guess it’s either Mireya getting revenge or Constanza doing the same.

We think it’d be bad for Mireya, because she’ll put herself in the line of fire legally, but she does seem angry enough and bitter enough not to care. If she ruins the wife’s perfect world? It’s probably even better in her opinion.

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