Univision Imperio De Mentiras Spoilers: Creepy behavior and having enough

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Univision Imperio de mentiras spoilers reveal Leslie Velasco (Assira Abbate) took sides with Teresa de Velasco (Pilar Ixquic Mata) against José Luis Velasco Rodríguez (Hernán Mendoza).

Plus, Fernanda Navarro’s (Michelle González) in an uncomfortable position, while poor Renata Cantú Robles de Arizmendi (Susana González) is in a real mess. Let’s take a look at what happened, plus what’s ahead.

Univision Imperio De Mentiras Spoilers: Taking sides

First, Imperio de mentiras spoilers reveal we’re back to family drama. Everyone’s unhappy with José Luis’ behavior, and Leslie is the latest to chime in. She thinks her father has no right to treat Teresa like that, and she made it clear she will report him if he dares to raise a hand again.

We’re suddenly caring about this character, and we’re not sure how we feel about that. It’s like they moved from Afterschool Special to Lifetime movie territory. Which we find more entertaining, but the characters have been a drag so far. Either way, his childish fits made one good change—Leslie and Teresa are closer now.

Univision Imperio De Mentiras Spoilers: Bad spot

Meanwhile, Eugenio Serrano (Alejandro Camacho) just made things more complicated for Fer, while also upping her story a notch. See, he showed up at her apartment and saw one of the kid’s toys.

He asked what the heck she thinks she’s doing having that child and her mother there. He wants them both out of here. Fer begs to disagree, but he doesn’t care her mother is dying.

There are hospitals she can stay in. And the kid can go away to school or something. This is where things get interesting, though. Because this scene revealed beyond a doubt not only is that child not her dead sister’s, but he knows exactly who’s the daddy. Could it be him? We’ll have to wait and see.

Univision Imperio De Mentiras Spoilers: Stuck

Finally, Imperio de mentiras spoilers indicate abuse. Eugenio and Victoria Robles de Cantú (Leticia Calderón) arrived at the hospital Renata’s in and gave some grief about Renata’s disappearing act.

This revealed they’ve all gotten deep in a mess with each other. So, the doctor has no choice but to obey, and what they want is creepy. The doctor seems completely against this. What do they want?

Renata to be constantly drugged and controlled. Elisa Cantú Robles (Angelique Boyer) got to visit with her a moment, but she has no clue what’s up. Renata knows something isn’t right, though.

Later, she woke up enough to get out of bed and promptly fell on her you-know-what. A nurse came in and Renata begged for the drugging to stop. This is getting downright creepy and uncomfortable now. If this series doesn’t end with Eugenio and Victoria in la carcel, we’re lodging a protest with Televisa.

Univision Imperio De Mentiras Spoilers: Tonight

So, what’s next? Tonight, we’ll see Elisa confess to Adriana Sánchez (Luz Ramos). She’ll share everything she’s been up to since Darío Ramírez (Iván Arana) started threatening her family.

Meanwhile, Leonardo “Leo” Velasco Rodríguez (Andrés Palacios) and José Luis get into another fight, and we’re sure it’ll just escalate from here. These brothers are clearly two different people that will likely never get along again. Not with the way Jose Luis has behaved.

Finally, we’ll see María José “Majo” Cantú Robles (Alejandra Robles Gil) determined to do something really stupid. As in, visiting Darío in jail. This girl just doesn’t know when to move on—or at least ask for help for her obvious issues. Of course, having Victoria for a mother would likely make anyone shy about that.

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