TikToker Noah Beck Charging $10K For Tiktok Duets!

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Noah Beck, one of the biggest contributors on the TikTok platform, recently started charging $10,000 for TikTok duets. Apparently along with other TikTok stars, he has a PearPop account and on that particular platform his price is one of the most expensive things going.

Other tiktok creators charge for duets too, but theres are nowhere near $10K, in fact it’s kind of rare to see a tiktok creator ask for more than $1K for a duet. A lot of his fans took to twitter to say that Noah was in the wrong for charging $10K for tiktoks and I think most people are inclined to agree, the economy is in the tank due to a global pandemic, who on earth has $10K for a 15 second (or 1 minute, as the case may be) tiktok duet?

TikTok – Oh no he didn’t! Noah Beck charging $10K for tiktok duets

On twitter, the fans wasted no time in letting Beck know that he was in the wrong and that $10K was the same price that a lot of them paid for yearly college tuition or in some cases was more than they made in a single year of working.

Thing is, since he is one of the larger tiktok creators you have to wonder just when the greed ends because if you get more than a certain amount of views, then you get to be a part of the tiktok creator fund and they pay you so much per 1,000 views on your videos. Most people would be happy with that amount, but not Noah, apparently.

In a recent interview, Noah was caught unawares about his price tag and hem-hawed around about it at first, saying that he didn’t know how to explain himself. However, after a few minutes of collecting his thoughts he said that the price tag was “for a brand deal”, and that he didn’t come up with the price tag himself, but never really expressly stated who came up with it.

Okay, if the price tag is for brand deals then why not claim that in your tiktok profile? I know they’re short but you could at least let your fans know that you wouldn’t take $10K of someone’s hard-earned money if they were just a fan. Brand deals are different. (I’d also like to know what brand deal pays $10K a duet because I’d be willing to make tiktok duets for that price, but I digress.)

So, if Noah didn’t come up with the price tag, who did? Do these tiktokkers have agents and managers? No doubt that some do, but most tiktok creators are sort of like the early days of youtube. They do all of this from their phone and most handle their own social media accounts, so, I don’t know about you but the story sounds pretty suspicious to me. Stay tuned!!!

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