‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Who & What Is the Evil Hope Doll That’s Tormenting Thomas?

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‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ (B&B) spoilers tells that so upon further investigation there is something that’s just not right about this Hope Mannequin. Now, I say this as a veteran fan of ‘Days of Our Lives’ but when things eyes start glowing a different color than what they normally are, mental illness or not, you have to call in a priest.

That’s exactly what I would reccomend for Thomas’s little mannequin problem. From what I remember of Marlena’s possession, she got possessed when a painting on the wall’s eyes started glowing green and talking to her. (Forgive me if I don’t remember all the details, this was way back in 1994.) The Hope Mannequin’s eyes were glowing red.

‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Who and what is the Hope Mannequin?

I don’t know what level of demonic force red is, but if we’re going on a scale of one to “Call the Winchesters”, I think we would be in the dialing range. If not the Winchesters then most definitely some kind of spiritual wrangler that’s in LA.

But for just a second, why don’t we think about who, on the other side, wpuld be ticked off enough to come back and haunt a mannequin that looked like Hope just to mess with Thomas? Because there has to be somebody, somebody who was robbed of a chance of life due to Thomas’s involvement… Oh yes, that’s right, there is someone. Emma Barber.

Emma Barber, provided she is not resting comfortably in the afterlife and let’s hope that she is but say for a moment that she isn’t and the powers that be gave her one chance, once chance to thoroughly screw up Thomas’s life forever and cause him as much pain as he’s caused her, you think she wouldn’t take it?

I say that she would, and how poetic would the justice be that she comes back in the form of a mannequin that looks like Hope because she died due to his obsession with Hope, essentially. She would revel in the chance to rob him of the life that he wanted just like he robbed her.

Now, according to Matthew Atkinson, the actor that plays Thomas, they’re not going to play this angle, rather they’re going to play the mental illness angle, which is valid. But something about the way this hallucination has manifested itself definitely seems paranormal and it eould be interesting if they did decided tondo something in that vein.

I know that technically Halloween is over but if you’ll remember, Marlena’s possession started in the summertime. Stay tuned!!!

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