Pharrell Williams Sets Out To Build An Inspiring Gospel Choir In ‘Voices Of Fire’ On Netflix

Netflix’s ‘Voices Of Fire’ is a new docuseries coming out in a few days with Pharrell Williams and his uncle are they set out on a mission to build the most inspiring and beautiful gospel choir! They have only one mission, to change the world!

Each singer will have one chance and one chance only, there will be no callbacks so you can bet that each person will be bringing 100% to their performances. Take a look at the trailer below that was uploaded with the following description,

“In this faith-based docuseries, Bishop Ezekiel Williams builds an inspiring, nontraditional gospel choir with the help of superstar nephew Pharrell. In Hampton Roads, VA Pharrell Williams and his uncle Bishop Ezekiel Williams set out on a mission to build an inspiring gospel choir with one mission: to change the world.”

Netflix’s ‘Voices Of Fire’ Trailer – Pharrell Williams Sets Out To Build An Inspiring Gospel Choir

Viewers (and I) are anxious about watching this and hearing all the amazing voices, “First singer’s voice: shook…Finding out the Bishop’s nephew is Pharrell: MORE SHOOK!”, “hopefully they all go through with this n be in the church choir lol unlike the voice on nbc who non of the winners go anywhere”, and “Wow I can’t wait”.

Netflix’s ‘Voices of Fire’ premieres in just two days, on November 20!

What do you think? Are you excited to finally watch ‘Voices of Fire’? Let us know in the comments below.

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