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Parler: Everything You Need To Know About the Newest Alternative Social Media To Facebook – News For You

In the recent week we’ve seen a few celebrities up and move to the new social media platform “Parler”, however the move is considered quite questionable by some fans and the majority of their fanbase won’t be following.

You would think that since Parler advertises itself as a free speech social media app that it couldn’t possibly be bad. However, it’s the types of speech that it gives platforms to and encourages that are bad. Parler plays fast and loose with the actual truth when it comes to fact checking.

What is Parler?

Now, you might think that every crackpot should have their own corner of the internet but when a single crackpot turns to an entire army, that’s called a mob, and no one wants that.

The types of ‘free speech’ that this app is known to encourage is a lot of hate speech and rhetoric, which is wrong and should not be condoned by any kind of social media, yet is waived away as simple freedom of expression on this app.

There is so much intentional misinformation going around on the app having to do with Coronavirus and the election that one would think one had walked into an anti-masker’s paradise. There has also been open cases of anti-semitism on the app, which is just disgusting. We’re better than this.

So while yes, Parler may offer freedom of speech, but at what cost? They don’t have fact checkers, anyone can post anything they like. You might find a few nuggets of wisdom, but mainly it looks like this place is full of conspiracy theorists and others who are okay with spreading rumors and lies, in order to further a dying agenda.

So why are celebrities joining up? To be honest I’m not exactly sure, unless a few of them are just itching to get themselves cancelled, in which case, Parler on!

But keep in mind, do so at your own risk. It might be fun to peruse the app for a bit, even look at how crazy a few of these celebs get, but after you’re finished please do your own fact-checking. No one is perfect, not even celebs. Besides, you can never have too many independent fact sources. Stay tuned!!!

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