Netflix’s ‘Alice In Borderland’ Brings The Manga To Life

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Netflix’s ‘Alice In Borderland’ releases next month and fans are anxiously awaiting this manga brought to life! The series pits Arisu and Usagi against life-threatening games that they must win in order to make it out of the Borderland alive!

They will find different challenges, based on the suits of a playing card and must defeat all the challenges. Will they be able to make it out together or will only one survive? While the manga readers already know the story, people like me, are still interested in watching this show and watching it without knowing anything.

Take a look at the second official trailer below that was uploaded with the following description,

“There is one rule to survive in the Borderland: you must win life-threatening GAMES. Will Arisu, who has wasted away his days without any goals in life, and Usagi, who supports Arisu with her quiet strength and kindness, survive in the Borderland? The Netflix Original Series “Alice in Borderland” starts Thursday, December 10th, only on Netflix.”

Netflix’s ‘Alice In Borderland’ Second Trailer Beings More Of The Manga To Life

Viewers commented on the trailer, “This is looking interesting. The series too, should focus on the thriller part only.”, “Everyone, Yamazaki Kento and Tsuchiya Tao, Japan’s live action prince and princess🔥 👑”, and “Based on a lit manga. I didn’t know I was this much of a nerd. So much of the shit I read years ago getting adaptions.”.

What do you think? Are you excited to finally watch ‘Alice In Borderland’? Let us know in the comments below.

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