Lydia Plath’s Mystery Man Revealed! – ‘Welcome to Plathville’ Spoilers

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‘Welcome to Plathville’ spoilers  indicate that we came so close in this episode to finding out the identity of the guy that Lydia is interested in. So close! I did figure out one part of the mystery, that it’s someone that she and Moriah both know, actually, it’s someone that all the Plath kids know because when it was hinted at to Micah he knew exactly who they were talking about but, like Moriah, he didn’t say anything.

Mad respect for Moriah for not ratting out her sister, she could have and it would have been a juicy detail, but she respectfully said that it was not her story to tell. We can all get behind that.

‘Welcome to Plathville’ Spoilers: Lydia’s Mystery Man revealed!

We did find out that whomever this guy is, Lydia has known him since she was around 13 years old. We also know that he has asked Moriah about her several times to see how Lydia is doing, which tells me that this guy has social media and Lydia is not allowed to.

(At least not yet, hopefully they relax those rules soon.) Moriah didn’t really know what advice to give Lydia because she thought, for one, Lydia had moved on from this guy, everyone did, including Micah, but according to Lydia that just wasn’t the case.

Instead she said that she saw her crush as sort of impossible, at least when she was 13 (which is fair) and just decided to kind of forget about it and move on for the time being. That’s okay, that’s fine, crushes when one is 13 are bound to wane anyway, but I’m guessing there’s something about this guy that has lingered in her mind.

Moriah gave her as good advice as she could, she told her to tell Ma Plath to back off and to consider her feeling, but she also told her to write him a letter and tell him that she’s thinking of him and that the gesture doesn’t have to be much.

While Moriah’s advice was sound, I’m not exactly sure that Kim is going to back off. Moriah said that dating is extremely frowned upon in the Plath household, and you can’t even be friends with a boy because its considered scandalous.

She said that when it came to dating that the girls have to just look and not touch and that’s.. just sad in a way. Being friends with a guy shouldn’t be off-limits, but this is Plathville, way out of the norm. Poor Lydia, will she be allowed to have a crush? Stay tuned!!!

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