KUWTK: Kourtney Kardashian Reacts To Scott Disick Dating 19-Year-Old Amelia Hamlin Gray

‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ spoilers find that Kourtney Kardashian has not only closed the door, but has also closed the chapter and has completely moved on from her relationship with her on-again, off-again baby daddy Scott Disick so much so that she really doesn’t care who he is dating right now, even if it is a 19-year-old model by the name of Amelia Hamlin. Here’s what you need to know.

While it’s certainly been a few years since Kourtney and Scott were last romantically involved, the ex-couple do co-parent the three children they share together and have mostly been on good terms.

A source close to the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star says that Kourtney is fine with Scott’s romantic life, even though some people might deem it a tad bit controversial. She has allegedly told family and friends that Scott can do whatever he wants as long as it doesn’t interfere in his parenting.

According to TMZ, Kourtney also has “no issue” with the Amelia relationship because “it’s not impacting his parenting.”

Of course, it didn’t take very long for critics to weigh in on the matter. Some took to their social media accounts to write, “Of course she doesn’t care because she’s dating barley legal guys herself ! Argh!!

Can’t think of a more puke-worthy alliance than the Rinnas and the Kardashians,” along with, “Why should Kourtney care, they’ve been over for nearly 10 years, safe to say they’ve both moved on.”

Meanwhile, another source told The Sun that Lisa Rinna is concerned about her daughter’s mental health now that she’s seeing Scott Disick, who has seen the inside of a rehab facility more than he has a church.

“Lisa isn’t going to acknowledge this publicly for now because she’s still trying to wrap her head around it and thinks this is a phase. But when she does speak about it she’ll keep her cool but really, she’s worried,” an insider told the publication, adding, “That’s her youngest kid.”

“She really does like Scott but both her and Harry don’t want someone that age with so much baggage to be with their baby girl, especially given Amelia’s own mental health issues,” the source continued.

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