Joe Rogan Supports Legalizing Psychedelic Drugs, Sites Psilocybin’s Effectiveness Over Antidepressants

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While the 2020 election has been taking up the entire week, Joe Rogan has pointed out a silver lining that many people will likely take advantage of. As more studies and work is done on psychedelics, it’s becoming more apparent that we may be missing out on something.

In a Psilocybin therapy study, it was shown that it was 4 times more effective than antidepressants. Antidepressants have become more commonplace in the world in recent years and while people can experience good things from them, they’re often over-prescribed and not understood.

Rogan shared a screenshot of the stud with the following caption on Instagram,

“One positive aspect of troubled times is that people get more motivated to try alternative ways of seeking peace of mind. As more studies come in, and more states decriminalize and even legalize the use of psychedelics I believe many people are going to realize the answer they’ve been looking for has been here all along.”

Joe Rogan On Legalizing Psychedelics “One Positive Aspect Of Troubled Times”

Fans of his commented on the post saying, “Antidepressants are sh!%, most meds are. No meds helped my depression nor OCD.”, “Bad news for big pharmaceutical companies fu$%in great for mankind”, “Need to have someone on to talk about PTSD treatments” and “Joe Rogan 2024”.

It’s an interesting conversation to have and one that’s been shut down for decades. As studies continue to rise pointing out good things about marijuana, psychedelics, and other drugs, we could definitely see a rise in natural drug treatments and a big hit to the pharmaceutical companies.

What do you think? Are you for or against the legalization of drugs? Let us know in the comments below.

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