HBO Max’s ‘Heaven’s Gate: The Cult Of Cults’ Focuses On Cult Members Who Believe Were Abducted By UFOs

HBO Max’s ‘Heaven’s Gate: The Cult Of Cults‘ is a new docu-series coming that will explore the infamous UFO cult through the eyes of former members. The cult believed that they would be taken over by UFOs and taken to Heaven. However, it was a mass suicide that changed the face of the country.

“Heaven’s Gate: The Cult of Cults” is a thorough examination of the infamous UFO cult through the eyes of its former members and loved ones. What started in 1975 with the disappearance of 20 people from a small town in Oregon ended in 1997 with the largest suicide on US soil and changed the face of modern new age religion forever. This four-part docuseries uses never-before-seen footage and first-person accounts to explore the infamous UFO cult that shocked the nation with their out-of-this-world beliefs.

“Heaven’s Gate: The Cult of Cults” is a Max Original produced by CNN and Campfire. Directed and executive produced by Clay Tweel (“Gleason”), the docuseries is also executive produced by Campfire CEO Ross Dinerstein (“The Innocent Man”) and Shannon Riggs, with Chris Bannon, Eric Spiegelman, Peter Clowney and Erik Diehn executive producing for the digital media company Stitcher (“Heaven’s Gate” podcast, “Sold in America” podcast).”

HBO Max’s ‘Heaven’s Gate: The Cult Of Cults’ – A Four-Part Docuseries

See never before seen footage about the cult and view one of the craziest cults to ever exist. Through interviews and archive video, we’ll go behind the veil of this crazy group of people who believed in, or said they believed in, the fact that they would transform their body to become a UFO and then sail off into heaven.

HBO Max’s ‘Heaven’s Gate: The Cult Of Cults’ premieres December 3.

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