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‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Alexandra “Alex” Marick (Finola Hughes) Returns To GH, What You Need To Know!

‘General Hospital’ (GH) spoilers for November 3rd reveal we’re back to actual storylines with (in theory) no special messaging involved. We’ll get into Franco Baldwin’s situation Tuesday, as well as a little defiance from Portia Robinson (Brook Kerr).

Plus, Alexandra “Alex” Marick (Finola Hughes) is now back and causing trouble, while Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) has questions. Let’s take a look at what the teasers and promo say.

‘General Hospital’ Spoilers For November 3rd: Reaching out

First, ‘General Hospital’ spoilers reveal Tuesday will focus a bit on Franco’s recent diagnosis. In the promo, he talks about an emergency. As he confides in Kevin Collins (Jon Lindstrom), it looks like he’s being proactive this time around.

Obviously, that dream he had spooked him and he wants to do everything possible to protect Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst) and the kids. Actually, we can’t help but wonder if he has another vision/dream/other incident that makes him see this as a true emergency.

‘General Hospital’ Spoilers For November 3rd: Mouthing off

Elsewhere, it looks like more trouble at GH. In the promo, Portia dares Cyrus Renault (Jeff Kober) to fire her. As we’ve been watching Médicos as well recently, we have a feeling he asks her to do something she doesn’t like.

He’s clearly using the hospital to move his drugs and any related shady business. And it wouldn’t be surprising if some of his orders end up being something that pushes the ethical boundaries.

Related to this, TJ Ashford (Tahj Bellow) wants Jordan Ashford’s (Brianna Nicole Henry) help. We assume this relates in some way to his quest to get Cyrus out of GH. And this will obviously cause some problems for Jordan, who is obviously not in a position to help.

‘General Hospital’ Spoilers For November 3rd: Double trouble

In other ‘General Hospital’ spoilers, we’ve got an evil twin thing going on again. Alex, of course, knocked out Anna Devane (Hughes) and took her place on Halloween. On November 3rd, she has the perfect location for Anna. We wonder how long it will take for someone to notice a problem…

‘General Hospital’ Spoilers For November 3rd: Running scared

It seems Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) and Damian Spinelli’s (Bradford Anderson) plan really worked. Peter August (Wes Ramsey) is apparently so unnerved, he’ll go to Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart) for some advice.

While they talk, Valentin says that’s as good as an admission, which piques his curiosity. We’re curious exactly how much he’ll tell Valentin. They obviously bonded before over their questionable pasts and women, but Peter should know telling anyone too much, no matter who it is, can be dangerous.

Speaking of which, Valentin isn’t the only one he’s talking to Tuesday. For some weird reason, Peter reaches out to Spinelli. This has us completely confused, as it’s the worst move possible. We assume he’s trying to get a trace on a call or something right up Spinelli’s alley.

However, we think Peter has shown himself to be too smart to even think of asking Spinelli for anything. That “change of heart” was too sudden. Even with the ultimatum, Spinelli seemed a bit fake in this to us.

‘General Hospital’ Spoilers For November 3rd: Mind games

Finally, Sonny demands to know why Chamberlain is reaching out and Julian Jerome’s (William deVry) desperate to reach Ava Jerome (Maura West). This is a brilliant mind game. He’s clearly showing her who calls the shots right now and how easy it is to blow everything up.

Which he’s likely confident will get him what he wants—Ava as a single woman. Even if he’s mad enough to now want her, he’s been too obsessed to let another man have her. Plus, losing that fortune is a great punishment.

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