Did Youtube Star Tana Mongeau Steal An Entire Brand?

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Some of you may have noticed awhile back that Tana Mongeau did some modeling for the brand Bleach Tye-Dye and has been seen wearing a lot of their fashion. There has been videos and instagram posts and everything with her proudly parading the brand on her body.

In fact you could say that this brand consists of a lot of her most iconic outfits. It was rumored that she was actually partnered with them and was actively working with them, even wanted to become partial owner in the brand, but then a tweet by one of the actual owners surfaced, saying:

Youtube – Did Tana Mongeau steal an entire brand?

“Imagine an influence wanted to become a part owner of your tie-dye business so you spend thousands of dollars on attorney fees and spend hours on calls for the influencer to then go silent and release her own tie-dye merch. Bye.”


In one of Tana’s most recent tweets, she was releasing her own tye-dye merch on fanjoy which caused a whole lot of backlash for her from fans but for an entirely different reason. In the photoshoot, showing off her new merch, she and the gang were all on a party bus, dressed in her merch, all headed to saddle ranch not practicing social distancing or wearing masks.

I think it’s futile at this point, Tana and her gang just aren’t going to wear masks at all. The thing is, she could have used this opportunity to up her image and even have tie-dye masks printed up but it looks like she’s just fully embracing the maskless lifestyle, putting herself and her friends at risk and alienating her followers, some of whom are high-risk and would like to see their favorite influencer showing concern for their well-being, but I guess that influencer isn’t going to be Tana Mongeau.

The thing is, they could have worn masks for the shoot because in one of the photos you could literally see one of the saddle ranch waiters wearing a mask behind them.

Tana doesn’t seem to realize that things are different nowadays, that she could make being safe part of her brand, but nope, she’d rather be cancelled every other week. Good luck to Buzz Mingin and David Weintraub, they’re going to need it. Stay tuned!!!

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