‘Counting On’ Spoilers: Jeremy Vuolo & Jinger Vuolo Duggar Give Birth To Rainbow Baby Daughter!

‘Counting On’ spoilers  finds that Jinger Duggar Vuolo had her rainbow baby (the term for a baby concieved after a miscarriage) on the 22nd of November. For the longest time they said they were not doing a name reveal because they didn’t want any judgement on the name, but what they picked out was actually a really beautiful name.

Her name is Evangeline Jo, “Evangeline” means “good news” and “Jo” is a shout-out to hubby Jeremy’s middle name of Joseph. They didn’t really announce the birth until 3 days later, probably because Mama needed a minute after giving birth, so, that’s okay.

jinger jeremy vuolo duggar baby evangeline

‘Counting On’ Spoilers: The Duggars – Jinger Vuolo gives birth!

We’re all happy that Jinger had a safe, healthy birth and that little Evangeline seems to be okay. However, we have to wonder if her new experience is going to be reflected in her upcoming book that’s due out in May called, “The hope we hold, finding peace in the promises of God.” holy long title, Batman!

A lot of people in this christian fundamentalist world turn their way of life into books about either advice on faith, marriage, or parenting and one wonders just what direction Jinger is actually going to take with this. Now that there’s a new addition to the family, is she going to go the parenting advice route?

It’s certainly an option she could take, being from a big family herself and possibly on her way to starting one with hubby Jeremy. Thing is she doesn’t seem to have that big of a social media following.

Ony 1.4M subscribers, which seems like a lot, but her sister Jessa seems to have over 2M subscribers, so that’s a signficant gap in there. Maybe she’s trying to bridge this gap by releasing this book? I mean, sibling rivalry is a thing, after all, even among the most Godly of us.

Also, on their podcast (yes, they have a podcast) it seems that Jeremy Vuolo does a lot of the talking, and he always refers back to bible verses. So, is it just going to be a condensed version of the podcast or will this be Jinger’s take entirely?

One would hope that since she’s doing the writing that she wouldn’t just be a mouthpiece for Jeremy, but you never know. Still… we wonder specifically what route Jinger is going to take with this book. Will it be the Duggar tell-all we’ve all been waiting for? Probably not, but we can dream. Stay tuned!!!

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