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’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Were Tim and Melyza In On the same Therapy Session?

’90 Day Fiancé’ spoilers finds that Tim and Melyza went to a couples’ counseling session. They were present together throughout the entire session, but they were hearing two entirely different things.

Tim wanted to get across to Melyza that while he wants to stay in Colombia with her, it’s just not financially feasible and he may end up having to move back to the United States because he is running out of money. Melyza, is not at the point where she wants to be married yet and therein lies the problem because she doesn’t trust Tim and won’t marry him yet unless he gets a job.

’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: But no one will hire him. Because he is not married. Do you see the disconnect here?

Melyza is not getting it, which tells me she’s either not listening to a word Tim is saying and just wants to believe that every time he mentions going back to the United States all he wants to do his hookup with loads of women behind her back while she’s playing the dutiful wife down in Colombia, or, she’s just still so angry at him that she doesn’t actually care if he runs out of money and is just that narcissistic and controlling that she would want him broke and miserable with her at any cost. That’s not love, that’s imprisonment and it’s far from legal.

What did Melyza actually expect, did she expect Tim to come down to Colombia and bankrupt himself for her? At least with Brittany, we know that she’s not actually asking Yazan for expensive shopping trips and things. Melyza just seems very tight-lipped and controlling, almost like she likes depriving Tim of his freedom.

The way she’s so cool and callous about this is kind of unsettling. Yes, Tim could have probably made a few different financial choices along the way, but think logically for a second, they had also broken up and “never again” was definitely on the table.

Life goes on, bills don’t stop! No matter how in love you are, right? Let’s hope the therapist can help them sort this out. Stay tuned!!!

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